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Market Mix SAS is committed to respecting and promoting Human Rights throughout its operation and with respect to employees, contractors and suppliers.  this policy is consistent with and/or based on:

  • Colombian law.

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the basic Conventions of the International Labor Organization.

  • The Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights of the United Nations Organization.

The Human Rights policy of Market mix SAS  is consistent and aligned with the management of Market Mix in everything related to the Vision of Sustainable Development and other company policies, especially those of Ethics, Labor Social Responsibility and Safety, Health and Environment.

Market Mix SAS is aware of the obligation of the State to respect, guarantee and protect the human rights of all Colombians; of the Company to respect and promote them, and believes in the necessary interaction between the State, communities and public and private Entities for their correct development.

It is clear to us that human rights are timeless and their support is the basis of the company's activities, we are committed to the ethical care of compliance with human rights because more than legal obligation it is our ethics that leads us to understand that the development of human rights is increased competitiveness in the company.

Therefore we commit to:

  • Respect and abide by Colombian laws.

  • Respect the rights and freedoms of workers, members of contractor companies that provide services to the operation, act with due diligence and not be complicit in human rights violations;

  • Pay special attention to the rights of vulnerable groups, for example: women, the disabled, the elderly, ethnic groups, minorities and displaced persons, among others.

  • Identify, prevent, mitigate, remedy and/or compensate in all cases the possible impacts on the rights of people;

  • Make every effort so that our commercial relations are developed by applying this policy of respect for human rights;

  • That the task of guaranteeing the safety of our employees, assets and facilities be carried out effectively but also in full compliance with the law and with respect for human rights;

  • Seek consistency in all policies, plans and departments of Market Mix SAS with this policy;

  • Develop a respectful, transparent and constructive dialogue with all groups interested in doing so;

  All Market Mix SAS employees have the obligation to know and contribute to putting this policy into practice in the scope of their daily activities. Any possible violation of Human Rights or of this policy must be reported immediately to the Direct Manager or to the Market Mix SAS Complaints Office.


Market Mix SAS maintains a commitment to environmental leadership in all its business activities. The requirements listed below are applicable to all directors and employees, as well as contractors carrying out activities on behalf of Market Mix, shall bear personal responsibility for the following objectives:

  • Meet or exceed all environmental requirements applicable to all Market Mix activities and services, including legal requirements, regulations and voluntary commitments to which Market Mix has subscribed.

continuous improvement

  • Strive to continuously improve the management system and environmental performance.

  • Be an environmentally responsible neighbor in the communities in which we work, and act promptly and responsibly to correct situations that pose a health, safety, or environmental hazard.

  • Provide adequate resources for the fulfillment of these objectives.

Corporate strategies, policies and guidelines must support this commitment to leadership on environmental matters. All Market Mix employees and contractors must follow this policy and report any environmental, health, or safety incident to Humana's management so that corrective action can be taken immediately.  



The Code of Ethics of Market Mix SAS is constituted by the principles that are mandatory for all our collaborators in accordance with their work,  whose purpose is to strengthen values and behaviors before our company, colleagues, customers and community.

The principles of the company are:

  • Follow the Policies, guidelines and procedures established by the company.

  • The confidentiality of the Information is of absolute compliance, guaranteeing the protection of data either from our clients, our company, its workers or the different actors of our activity that give us their information.  confidential.

  • Protect the copyright and/or intellectual property, licenses, trademarks of our clients and that of our company.

  • Honesty for the development of all our activities in any field.

  • Protection of human rights throughout the company environment.

  • Care of company resources and the environment.

  • Respect to treat all individuals.

  • Surveillance to identify behaviors that do not match these principles and report them immediately.

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